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Divorce Detox

This one’s custom designed and exclusively for you if you are right now going through, or have experienced a divorce or break-up within the last couple of years. It’s a Full 7 Modules and spans over 8 weeks, to include 8 weekly check-ins with me, where I obtain accurate readings of your issues, identify what the cause is, where it’s blocking you, and then release them. It’s very comprehensive and includes your Energy Attachments, Energetic Interferences, Emotional Release, Sleep, Hormones, Burnout of Organs that have been Over-Stressed, Financial Blocks, Love and Self Love, Sexuality and Pleasure, and a lot more!

Midlife Marriage Makeover

– includes:

  • Clear Out the Past: Karma & Shared Energy Release
  • Get on the Same Page: Raise & Match Your Love Levels
  • Self Love & Nurturing Activation

“Group Chat”

Bi-Weekly Chats!
Share what’s going on in your Relationship
Group Readings with me
Supportive Energy sent to everyone on the call ~

  • What others are doing
  • What worked, what did not
  • Advise on what clearing to do
  • How complete a clearing is
  • What’s blocking you

$27 per chat

“Your Best Friend”

Personal Readings with Me
This allows email or texting access to me!
Supportive Energy sent to you with every email or text message ~
I’m your Support, what is it that you require today?

  • Feeling super down in the dumps?
  • Recent communications left you drained?
  • Why did this happen?
  • Should I do X or Z?
  • Will I find what I’m looking for? When?
  • Will someone ever love me?
  • What clearing is recommended?

3/week $77

Email & Skype
5/week $117

“Personal 1 on 1 Mini Session”

Now this happened, what should I do?
Personal Reading & Recommendation
Mini Clearing Session

15 min. $127

30 min. $147

“Personal 1 on 1 Support & Session”

Let’s get to the bottom of this!
Personal Reading & Recommendation
Clearing Session to Release the Issue(s)

1 hour $227

2 Hour $347

4 hour $497

VIP 7 Hours $777

Not sure how long your issue may require?

Release the Ex Energy

Loneliness Release

Sleeplessness Release

Stress Release

Emotional Release

Release Blocks, Beliefs, Trauma and Karma

Release Energetic Interference & Attachments

Abuse (physical, emotional, mental) Release

Grief Release

Release a Transitioned Spouse

Pet Separation Anxiety

Pet Release