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Partners Promoting Partners Kit

Through a colloborative approach, I encourage the partnership and cross-promotion of many conscious coaches and entrepreneurs.

For starters: A proprietary ‘White Label’ service will enable you to offer YOUR clients a holistic clearing method branded as your OWN, alongside your other offerings in your practice or business, allowing them to achieve accelerated results from YOUR Program!

For example, whatever blocks your clients are experiencing, or in moving forward in your program, you can tap into my intuitive insights that reveals information about the issue, what requires clearing, and with their ok, I’ll remove it! It’s just you and your client, as quantum is non local, I virtually release the interferences holding them back from their desired results.

Once you have the hidden information that has kept your client stuck, you’re now able to move them swiftly to a result. When they feel terrific about their success, they provide great reviews for your program, and refer their friends. They may then be in the position to move up to your ‘higher end program’ and get even better results with it.

Typical issues that have been cleared and released are:

Blocks to success, why they continue to repeat a pattern, stuck in a cycle, the voice in their head, can’t sleep, pain, relationship issues, grief relief, effects of stress, emotional issues, old baggage, behaviors, addictions, female problems, illness and disease, how they perceive life, beliefs that hold them back, letting go of the past, and so much more…

Can’t sleep
Blocks to success
Continues to repeat a pattern
The voice in their head
Relationship problems
How they perceive life
Grief relief
Effects of stress
Emotional issues
Old baggage
Illness and disease
Female issues
Beliefs that hold them back
Stuck in a cycle, over and over
Letting go of the past
and so much more…

My Gift to Assist You to Assist Others ~
Partners ONLY Benefits Include:

  • Session with Marlene for intuitive guidance on your own programs
  • Invitation to a ‘Partners Call’ for a free clearing: physical issues or behavioral, emotional, “our stuff”, mid life crisis, mind chatter, topics change monthly
  • A Promotion button on the website “Partners Page” for your affiliate program – to “Cross-Promote”– receive a % commission when anyone clicks through your link using cutting edge Infusionsoft’s Tier 1, 2 and 3 Referral Partners Program.

Great Choice, Partner, Conscious Coach, and Entrepreneur!
Your life is about to improve, guaranteed.

  • Featured Partners Interview & Top Listing Position on Page rotation
  • Opportunities to be shared in multiple partners newsletters and social media
  • Get your OWN Healing/Clearing Sessions & Intuitive Conceirge Service with Marlene FREE just by referring clients – Custom tailored to you!
  • MORE Benefits!!

Partners Promoting Partners Kit

Get Partners ONLY Benefits:

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About Marlene:

Marlene Allen is #1 Relationship Success Intuitive, and has worked with hundreds of individuals, coaches and business owners, assisting them to exponentially improve their personal and professional relationships using Quantum Techniques.

Through her connection with her peeps, Marlene was able to effect her own transformation from a stressed out computer zombie entrepreneur to a vibrant, energetic empowered woman of incredibly higher consciousness.

AND, she also improves or enhances the results their clients receive from their coaching programs with them!  Colloboration is a win-win-win!  By combining two or more minds it becomes a mastermind affect, spoken about by Napolean Hill in his popular book Think and Grow Rich.