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I know what you’re going through, seriously, I do.

I come directly to you with personal life experience, not once, but 2 divorces, and another time made me a widow. I’m married now again, you know how they say “The 4th times a charm” well, I’m charmed, and feeling SOOO much more Alive and Whole and Happy. Yes, this is My Time!

You may not prefer to follow in my exact steps with another relationship right away, or at all, but it’s available to you when you are willing to go for it again, this time from a place of power and worth. Imagine what that persona can attract!

I’m living walking proof of the art of attraction, what I put out there came to me thrillingly fast and fun. Life is better, happier and funner when we live from a place of clearness.

It’s even better when you get someone to lift you up out of it, dusts you off, and polish you up! I didn’t have anyone to do that for me, and I suffered, bad.

You don’t have to suffer with me around, because that’s just what I intend to do for you!  This could be the most fantastic turning point of your life, and you don’t have to be ready, or remember to do or take something, you only have to be willing, everything else is already there inside for you.

I have the protocols your body responds to, clearing out that which is no longer beneficial to you, and to restore, rejuvenate and regenerate your body’s systems, while releasing stubborn ties that bind, and energetic connections to exes, believe me, get rid of these as fast as you can! (Ask me how I know.)

I’m a Master Quantum Activator, which is similar to Energy Healing on Steroids!  Over the years, my specialty resonated with Clearing the Body, the Emotions AND the Energetic Field surrounding relationships.  That’s what my suffering was experienced for, to benefit others so they won’t have to go that route!  I’ve since cleared myself through and through, so I know the thrill of finding ME, actually for the first time, and truly appreciating and Loving the beautiful daily experiences of my life now.

Activations quickly Clear Pain, Trauma, Emotional Wounds, the energetic resonance of why we attract “Mr. Wrong”, and Connections to an ex that bind you to them instead of setting yourself free when you require it the most! After removing the interferences, you’ll notice incredible shifts in how you feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically.  The dark cloud dissolves, and crystal clarity lights you up from the inside out. Something most people will never experience, but you can.

It’s beauty extends to clearing the interferences in your personal Law of Attraction field, that Universal principle of attracting people, things, and situations to you, beneficial or not.  I turn this around, unplugging you from that which doesn’t serve you, to that which you really desire!

My clients come from many backgrounds, but the one thing we all have in common is where we currently find ourselves, In the middle of, or after a break-up, divorce, or a painful life transition.

Your Life may be a Disaster right now, but it can be MUCH Smoother while you experience the truly blissful benefits of Quantum Activations, matched with the right clearing protocol for you!

The agate is inside your presently rock hard exterior, just waiting to radiate out your crystal brilliance and vitality.  And it’s easier to access than you think!

Ask me a question on my Relationship Release show. I’ll read your situation and provide your body’s own answers, using a scientific tool called kniesiology, as well as tapping into my own unique intuitive abilities. What I read is relayed to you, what’s in your best interest, and by how much, by when, or whatever you request while you’re navigating a difficult emotional roller coaster time in your life.

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