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Trying to Get Over a Relationship?

Release the Ties & Trauma and Return to Your Radiance

This one’s custom designed and exclusively for you if you are right now going through, or have experienced a divorce or break-up within the last couple of years. It’s a Full 7 Modules and spans over 8 weeks, to include 8 weekly check-ins with me, where I obtain accurate readings of your issues, identify what the cause is, where it’s blocking you, and then release them. It’s very comprehensive and includes your Energy Attachments, Energetic Interferences, Emotional Release, Sleep, Hormones, Burnout of Organs that have been Over-Stressed, Financial Blocks, Love and Self Love, Sexuality and Pleasure, and a lot more!

Relationship Release ~
Divorce Detox
  •     Loneliness Release
  •     Release the Ex Energy
  •     Sleeplessness Release
  •     Stress Release
  •     Emotional Release
  •     Lack & Limitation Release
  •     Loser Release
  •     Lack of Sexual Desire Release
  •     Release Blocks and Beliefs
  •     Trauma and Karma Release
  •     Energetic Interference Release
  •     Exponential Frequency Boost

Does this sound familiar?

  • “Emotional Swings”
  • “Heartache”
  • “Can’t Sleep”
  • “Continuous Thoughts”
  • “Down in the Dumps”
  • “Black Cloud”
  • “Unloved”
  • “Stressed”

Right? How much longer do you want to suffer?

I’ve been through it, and after doing it the HARD WAY, now you don’t have to experience these same extremes.

Whether it’s been 2 days, or 2 years since making a difficult choice about a past relationship it doesn’t matter, it’s all the same.

Until we release the stored energy that still keeps you tied to the pain and sorrow, or the anguish and anger, or the shock and disbelief, or the after shocks.

Are you familiar with the ‘aftershocks’? Sure, you can get numb, senseless, thin, overweight, risky, defensive, broke, shocked, anxious, on alert, verge of tears, jealous, ache or pain, addicted, loose, heartbeats, snappy, tired, listless, you get the idea.

But How?

There’s the SLOW Way, I did much of it this way, and I know how that works, and I don’t recommend it to anyone!

The FAST Way is accessed through your own energy field. Everyone has one, ask Einstein. It’s the friction you get when you rub your hands together for a minute, then put your palms facing each other. That tug you feel is your own field, cool huh?

You can utilize your own body to release that which is causing you to be miserable! It’s stored in your cells, and once you know where to look, how to access it, and then how to release it, you can be on your way to Quick Relationship Relief!

Various areas are affected by carrying the baggage, current or past stress, grief, grudge or non-acceptance:

  • Emotional Imbalance
  • Hormone Depletion
  • Adrenal Cortisol
  • Physical Aches & Pains
  • Abuse Affects
  • Sleep Patterns
  • Thoughts and Perceptions
  • Mind Chatter
  • Nervous System
  • Hair, Skin & Nails
  • Sexual Drive
  • Brain & Memory
  • Addictions
  • Anxiety
  • Family Heritage
  • Bloodline
  • Unresolved Issues
  • Agreements Made
  • Repeating Cycles
  • Oh, there’s more!

When a frequency of vibration matches the desire, clearings are quick in the emotional realm, and the physical, mental, professional, energetic, amplification, essence, and financial!

To experience clearing your issues is life changing to many who have. Matters release naturally, without the emotional tug, you don’t even require to recall the past, or hurtful memories, why would you want to do that? If you did, you’d be at a phsychiatrist talking about it over and over and over, with results left wanting.

Quantum is non-local, so you don’t even need to be in the same room!


  • no driving anywhere
  • no taking off work
  • no leaving the house
  • no office fees
  • no questionable medications
  • no supplements to remember to take
  • no needles or bitter tea
  • no religion or weird chants
  • no time out of your calendar

What? Well you do have to take the initiative and choose if you want to end the suffering now, or later. Then get the Relationship Release starter package.

That will give you the details, and what you can clear in the quantum field. There’s not enough space on this page to list everything, and I continue to clear myself of them every day!

Can you do this too? Sure why not! Of course to get to where I am took a LOT of training and YEARS of case studies. However, I also discovered something very valuable about how YOU can take a SHORTCUT and Do this Yourself!

Most people will choose to have me identify the problem and clear it. They may not have time to learn even the SHORTCUT. I LOVE assisting these clients, and especially seeing the results in their lives as a whole, vibrant, new person with so many of their questions answered, finally.

This will shave YEARS off therapy, and the people who are choosing to do it by themselves, although I am specific about how to do clearings in the course, they may not get the intuitive information like I receive from your field. So to these people, some found that with a few readings to get their answers, once they KNOW what to clear, they take over and do it themselves, often checking in at a later time to get a final reading to reveal where they are at in completing the full clearing. They may only be 40% complete, or they could be at 98% and require just a push to get the results that come from completion.

Whatever your skills, budget or time, your life is about to change, guaranteed!

Marlene Allen
#1 Relationship Success Intuitive